What the heck are parabens anyway??

Hello friends and fellow beauty lovers!

 Today, I really wanted to focus on why its important to know what I am putting on my body.  Some of you are already on it and probably know a heck of a lot more about this topic than me and some of you are just starting out, looking for information to educate yourself or you are just interested in what crazy thing I am up to now.  What ever it might be, please take what I am writing as my own interpretation. I am not a dr. or scientist (even though that sounds like a fun job) but instead, want to better my own knowledge, health and help those around me.
I think it is important to understand what certain ingredients are in products that we use in our daily routines.  When I decided to start this blog, I found it very interesting that most people have no clue what they are putting on their bodies as well as in their bodies.  This included me.  When I started pulling out the hair products and skin care products that I have collected over the years and started reading the labels, I was pleasantly surprised but I was also very shocked to what I found.  Some ingredients that I never really thought about became a common theme and started to make me wonder what they did.  What I found was that while most products I have are paraben free, some had their disguise mask on.  I had to really think about what I knew about parabens.  Really not much other than I heard they were bad for you and shouldn’t have them in products.  That wasn’t a good enough answer so I thought, most people probably have no clue what they are either. So here is what I found.

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What are parabens

Parabens are a group of synthetic compounds commonly used as preservatives in a wide range of health, beauty and personal care products. If the product you are using contains methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben, it has parabens.
These ingredients are added to toothpastes, shampoos, conditioners, body lotions deodorants and makeup, among other products, to stop the growth of fungus, bacteria and other potentially damaging microbes, especially in a moist, warm environment like a bathroom.
Ok, good to know right?! So why are they bad for you?
In different studies done, Dr.’s and scientists have found that parabens have a weak ability to mimic estrogen.  So the question that remains and is constantly being argued –  Is the rising incidence of breast cancer linked in part to the fact that parabens have been found in breast cancer tumors and can be isolated from other body tissues due to the fact that parabens can mimic estrogen? Or for males, with the absorption on the skin causing the endocrine system to go out of wack and cause low sperm count, a rise in male breast cancer or testicular cancer?
A lot of researchers found reason to have concern.  Some of the most researched were deodorants and lotions being applied under the armpits and near the breast. This has become a huge debate amongst the researching teams. The U.S. National Cancer Institute has partly dismissed the claims, maintaining that at present, there is no decisive evidence to conclude that the parabens in these products are linked to breast cancer, but that more research is needed.
 Research has been going on to find an alternative for parabens in natural products. What they have found is that creams and lotions are the hardest to protect from something growing in it.  Very interesting and kind of gross.  Until we are ready to put our beauty products in the refrigerator, most companies will use some form of a paraben to protect it from doing more harm than good.
Everyone is looking for better alternatives.  Companies are finding solutions and are being conscious of ingredients. This blog could have easily turned into a book with all the data and research out there but I wanted to bring you a small glimpse and be aware of what you are using and the potential hazards.
Not everyone has time to research or desire to research.  Over the next year, my goal is to bring you some better alternatives and hope that we can find a healthier beauty routine in 2018.
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First blog post

Hi! My name is Jessica Laughlin and I am a senior hairstylist, salon owner, product junkie and lover of life. I am on a quest to find healthier alternatives for all things beauty inside and out.

As a hairstylist, I am in contact with multiple people everyday.  What was soon becoming the norm were my friends, loved ones and clients becoming sick with cancer, hormone disruptions, infertility, constant migraines, allergic reactions and other life-threatening diseases, in which parabens and other chemicals were possibly to blame. I also learned that by wearing makeup daily, I was subjecting myself to 5 pounds of chemical absorption into my body each year, in which, unlike food, it can remain inside of us forever! Now, this is upsetting, but I knew the only way to fight back was to refuse to use or consume, the conventional, toxic products lining the shelves of my favorite stores.

Believe me, I have used some pretty crazy lotions and potions probably full of carcinogens on my skin as well as eaten bad food and consumed copious amounts of alcohol.  But today, I am choosing to change that around and find as many “healthy” options that I can and inform, not only myself, but my readers of my findings.

I know that sometimes going green doesn’t sound very glamorous and in fact sounds expensive. My goal is to find some awesome natural, non-toxic + organic alternative products as well as cruelty-free (because animals don’t have a voice) in all price ranges, and let you know how they perform so that you can take my knowledge and do your own research on your best green living.

Today is the day that I finally decided to get out of my own way and allow myself to be vulnerable to the inter-webs of the internet and to allow people into my world as I wade through the muck and mess of parabens, carcinogens, synthetic colors, phthaletes -> endocrine disruptors and all the other ugly heads that might come up on my quest to find the cleaner, greener, cruelty-free beauty products, lifestyles and everything in between. I am looking for hair care, makeup, nail polish, perfumes, body care, self care, wine ….lots of wine and more that support my journey to a healthier lifestyle as well as being ethical at the same time.

Please forgive the typos, the grammar issues and incorrect punctuation at times. That is not my strong suite but you will find me trying all kinds of products and reporting back to you on my research.  Please feel free to comment below about green products you are curious about or want to try but don’t want to be disappointed. I will check them out.  Follow me on Instagram – @consciousbeautyinternational as I get rolling, I will be adding stories as well as pictures of this journey.  Cheers to day one! May the good times roll for years to come!

Disclaimer- All of these blog posts are personal opinions. I highly encourage you all to not just blindly trust me but to do the research yourself as well. While I do my best to only share important information, I am not a scientist or a doctor, instead, just a girl trying to reduce her toxic load. Please, use your discretion before taking any of my advice and please do not take my advice over your doctors, unless you’re a rebel and decide to on your own.