Hi! My name is Jessica Laughlin and I am a senior hairstylist, salon owner, product junkie and lover of life. I am on a quest to find healthier alternatives for all things beauty inside and out.

As a hairstylist, I am in contact with multiple people everyday.  What was soon becoming the norm were my friends, loved ones and clients becoming sick with cancer, hormone disruptions, infertility, constant migraines, allergic reactions and other life-threatening diseases, in which parabens and other chemicals were possibly to blame. I also learned that by wearing makeup daily, I was subjecting myself to 5 pounds of chemical absorption into my body each year, in which, unlike food, it can remain inside of us forever! Now, this is upsetting, but I knew the only way to fight back was to refuse to use or consume, the conventional, toxic products lining the shelves of my favorite stores.

Believe me, I have used some pretty crazy lotions and potions probably full of carcinogens on my skin as well as eaten bad food and consumed copious amounts of alcohol.  But today, I am choosing to change that around and find as many “healthy” options that I can and inform, not only myself, but my readers of my findings.

I know that sometimes going green doesn’t sound very glamorous and in fact sounds expensive. My goal is to find some awesome natural, non-toxic + organic alternative products as well as cruelty-free (because animals don’t have a voice) in all price ranges, and let you know how they perform so that you can take my knowledge and do your own research on your best green living.

Disclaimer- All of these blog posts are personal opinions. I highly encourage you all to not just blindly trust me but to do the research yourself as well. While I do my best to only share important information, I am not a scientist or a doctor, instead, just a girl trying to reduce her toxic load. Please, use your discretion before taking any of my advice and please do not take my advice over your doctors, unless you’re a rebel and decide to on your own.